Israel was a software passionate from early age. He spent his early years as Software Engineer delivering different projects. After discovering his true passion and potential was directly helping people in teams and projects he was working and taking different responsibilities more people oriented.

He is Executive Coach and Visual Thinker practitioner enjoys helping organizations to transform and improve their existing paradigms of work. He is focused mainly on continuous improvement and people as the center of all change.

Currently , Israel is Agile Coach , Mentor and Trainer in agile methodologies and founding partner of Thinking with you, company specialized in organizational change and agile methodologies where he works and collaborates with customers in various sectors such as banking, insurance, gaming and online travel agencies as well as some startups on the national scene.





Angel is a seasoned and very energetic Agile coach (CSC by the Scrum Alliance) that truly enjoy challenges. His specialty and passion is putting in place Lean and Agile concepts and practices in very complex environments. Currently he is member of Agilar, one of the leading Agile coaching firms in Europe and Latin-America. As a trainer, coach and mentor, he supported several multinational organizations from this continents in their Agile journey.
Before joining Agilar, he successfully led one of the biggest Agile transformations in europe, including business and IT at the Spanish branch of a multinational bank, from the trenches, starting from scratch. As Chairman of the international Agile experts group, he also acted as a global change agent.

In his 15+ years of experience in IT he has worked in various roles: Agile Coach, R&D manager, software developer, software architect, scrum master and trainer.

Furthermore, Angel is a professor at ESNE (University School of design, innovation & technology) and a frequent speaker at international conferences and Agile events in Europe and America.





I have over 10 years experience in software development. The last 6 years I was applying Agile in an organization level and inside a multidisciplinary team in Biko.

My past as a usability specialist and my natural curiosity has led me to be very interested in how to address the development of a product in an Agile way , with a focus on user experience design approach.





He is the Director of Izada Organizations.

He is an executive Professional Coach certified by EMCC-AECOP and accredited assessor for EFQM management model. After years working in the front line and managing organizations in the Third Sector, he decided to specialize in accompanying professionals and teams with a clear objective, the efficiency. In order to find the happiness in your work environment and high performance. He plays Scrum for 4 years.

He facilitates group and team experiences through collective coaching and technical co-creation of Art of Hosting. He participates in operational and cultural changes in various organization. He combines these tasks with teaching. He is very happy to to be part of the Master of Management Foundation of the Autonomous University of Madrid like Strategic Management professor .





Javi believes that programming the properly code is equal important than programming the code in the correct way. Although he has worked in various industries throughout his career, he takes the last year and a half helping make the DNS world more friendly in DNSimple. He loves coffee (no milk or sugar), discussing software architecture and loves her cat. Bilbao says it is, but you will not notice …


It`s an annual event promoted by the people who dedicate to the development of software products in a totally different way

It´s a meeting point with friends, colleagues, and other professionals to share knowledge and find a collaboratory synergy that allow us to continue our evolution.

It is a space that keeps opening every year to incorporate new emerging trends and continue to question us about possible ways that Agile methodology can possess.

It’s the best opportunity to learn from other people that face current problems in the day by day experience

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